Priest Lord Joseph Wright

The Priest Lord of Terron, his hand in this world.


Priest Lord Joseph Wright has taken the fledgling religion started by the party and turned it into a powerful force in a matter of weeks. He is resolutely devoted to Terron and is the only one among his followers who hears his word. He calls the members of the party the Prophet Disciples and is confused by their response to the religion he leads. The tenets he received from Steve on the docks have been misinterpreted and perverted by whatever it is he hears from Terron.


Joseph Wright owned a shop with his father selling leather goods before the gods attacked Trilake. A young man of amiable character and enthusiastic spirit, he had simple desires and was content in life. Until he learned of Terron. When all the other gods had betrayed the world, despite all the worship and sacrifice, a new god rose up to stand in their way. This god, unworshipped and unknown, was willing to challenge the entire pantheon to defend people that may never know he tried. He followed the party to the docks and there received the tenets of what would become Terronism.

Priest Lord Joseph Wright

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