Tor Kentar

That guy Will and Otto helped escape from the cultists of Orcus


Tor is currently living in Utona in a safehouse with his niece and nephew and Steve’s mother. He has sworn to protect her as he would his own family to repay the party for helping him and the kids escape.


Tor spend a year as a slave gladiator after Mordecai caught him trying to steal from the arena profits. After his service ended, he moved to Morkain to live with his brother who was in the guard. A year as a gladiator had made him strong, tough, and most importantly, intimidating and Tor quickly joined the city guard himself. When the cultists took over, Tor was patrolling the iron mines. Word reached his squad of the uprising and they rushed back to fight. He made his way to his brother’s house to find him and his brother’s wife dead. He searched the house and found his brother’s children hidden in a cupboard and attempted to rescue them. As they tried to leave the house, they were spotted and captured.

Tor Kentar

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