Arguably to most powerful man in Trilake, Mordecai owns much of the city’s entertainment industry. Once a slave gladiator for the previous owner of his empire, nothing is known of his past before then other than that one of his parents was clearly an elf. One day, Mordecai escaped his chains and with the help of his friend, Rahm, killed their master and took control of all he owned. With the support of the now freed gladiators, most notably the huge and imposing Rahm, none dared question him. There are few naive enough to think him a good man, but he has done a great many good things for the city.

You have to wonder if Mordecai is a good ally to have. Everything he does seems to end in something horrible. Still, he seems to have knowledge that will be invaluable to our Heroes.

He made his way to our time via a failed ritual 400 years ago. What he is capable of is not yet known.



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