God Maker, God Breaker

Session 18

I forgot to update this. I don’t remember many details, so this will be short.

Roxy’s mother revealed that Mordecai is actually her half-brother, making him Roxy’s uncle, and that he and Terron had been involved in a dangerous cult a few hundred years ago. She didn’t say anything earlier because she didn’t realize the depth of his involvement until Thyssen went to talk to her about finalizing the house for Steve’s mom. (Incidentally, Steve is now happy that Roxy’s mom is somehow involved with his mom.) She urged Roxy to be careful with Mordecai. Even though the leader of the old cult is dead, his ideas may be influencing the two in their quest for godhood.

There were also some Vecna-worshiping crazies, but nobady cared much about them.

Our heroes have their wagons and are ready to set out for more adventure.



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