God Maker, God Breaker

Session 17

Selecting Vlad to act as captain (as he is the most captainy of the lot), the crew decided that a glossed over version of t he truth is the best story. Vlad dealt with the initial inspectors and obtained permission to dock. Unfortunately, they wanted the ship, since no one had the money to fix it. They were briefly interviewed by Lt. Jenkins and allowed to stay in the city until they figured out what to do. He promised that someone would review their claim about Morkain and decide whether or not to act. Thyssen took Steve with him while he replenished his stocks and explained the basics of Alchemy. Roxy and Magus sneaked off to find her mother. And they found her. While she was happy to see her daughter, she insisted that her visit be short, for fear of her father finding out. She offered to let Roxy hide out there, and treated Magus as a house guest when Roxy’s dad came home. In fact, she was a sort of family friend, having been friends with his great great grandfather. Steve decided that the military’s “review” of their report was just not good enough, and found a church to plead his case. They seemed more receptive, and Steve got to meet Brother Khorhan, the towering Dragonborn Paladin who serves as a sort of liaison between the church and military. He said that he felt the truth of what Steve was saying and that he would read the omens and determine what to do. It was a better answer than he had from the military, though he was still frustrated by the wait. Tacket looked around for a messenger of Zandakar and, unsurprisingly found nothing. He returned to the ship where Vlad expressed concern that Roxy may have done something stupid like try to see her parents. He was less concerned about Steve’s whereabouts, but accepted that his actions may reflect upon him as “captain.” Soon enough, Steve showed up, and Thyssen just after. He had found a house for Tor, his kids, and Steve’s mom. He just had a couple of things to do to make it final. Every decided that they should find Roxy and Magus, so Steve and Will set out to find them. Will got spooked when he spotted someone moving suspiciously and went back to the ship, leaving Steve all like “WTF, there’s no one back there…” So he decided to ask around for the Katz’ house, counting on her to go running back home. Also, he wanted to meet her mom. He found the place easily enough and Magus lead him around in circles in the hedge maze while Roxy prepared her mom for Steve. When he got in, Roxy’s mom was clearly displeased with their conversation topics, and with Steve in general, but kept judgment to herself, only insisting that whatever they do, they leave the city before Roxy is found. So, everyone made it back to the ship, and they started making plans to sell the steam jacks and get themselves a good old fashioned wagon train.

I think you guys had already sold the steam jacks and where figuring out what to buy with the cash. So that’s where we’ll start.



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