God Maker, God Breaker

Session 16

Having escaped their captors, our heroes had to figure out a way to get out of this mad city. Steve figured out how to use the shape changing ability of his armor and took on rat form to explore the city and find someway to take his revenge. Roxy, Magus, and the others with them decided to find Thyssen’s cart so they could hopefully make some sort of explosive. Disguised in robes from their fallen captors, they made it to the stables where they indeed found his cart. He gave a drug to Goblork to keep him from going savage and they used the relatively secure location to come up with a plan. Meanwhile, Steve found what appeared to be the center of worship fro Orcus under a temple dedicated to Moradin and Erathis. In rat form, he was able to follow some cultists down there and made his way to a chamber where he found a very impressively dressed priest in the middle of a ritual to open a portal. When the ritual was complete, Doresain, Orcus’ exarch and lord of cannibalism step through. Steve watched as Doresain removed a piece of a living sacrifice and consumed it. The priest asked the exarch for guidance about the new captives and the orb they found on board. Doresain said only that the orb was ancient even by the reckoning of Orcus and that Steve Quint was known as an associate, though not necessarily ally, of Vecna. As he spoke, his robe, made of flesh and mouths, ate pieces of the dying sacrifice. He demanded that the captive be brought before him so that he could make some sense of them and the orb and returned through the portal. The priest took a drink of the blood of the now dead man’s blood and left the chamber. Steve knew he’d likely never have a chance this good, and as the priest walked past what he thought was a rat, he returned to human form and stabbed him in the neck, killing him. On his way out, he grabbed a robe and scythe for a disguise and set out to return to the ship. On the way, he found Will and Otto pushing a very pointy cart through some back streets in the company of the crew and some guy with an axe. They decided that the best course of action would be to get to the docks and find the ship. Once on the docks, they realized that they could set fire to several of the warehouses as a distraction and just plain arson. Meanwhile, Roxy, Magus, Vlad, Thyssen, and company decided to take out the bridge. Their disguise served them well again and they found the bridge house. Some quick work was made of the guards, and the bridge was raised. But that was not enough. Thyssen crafted up some acid and an explosive and destroyed it. Seeing smoke coming from the docks, they decided to make use of that distraction and made a run for the ship. Once everyone met up at the docks, they realized that the cultist were busy searching the city for them, so they had some time. They decided to commandeer a steam ship and set about warming the engines and stocking it up. Magus activated a couple of steam jacks and Steve got a crane working. Between them, they got the cannons and some basic supplies off The Eclipse and on board the new ship, (which I believe was renamed The Eclipse 2: Eclipse Harder) before those who came to deal with the fire noticed anything amiss. At this point, there was a battle. Arrows, magic, improvise crane use, cannons, and some spears collided as the crew tried to get the ship moving. After a few minutes, some cultists somewhere caught wind of the battle and made a desperate plea to their Demon Lord for help. And help he did. An aspect of Orcus appeared over the city and headed for the ship. In a panic, the crew threw what they could at the thing but it kept coming. Word made its way to Thyssen who had been overseeing the heating of the ship (alchemists have a very solid grasp of thermodynamics) and he made his own desperate move. He threw everything he could into the boiler and flashed the water. The ship lurched and shook, pipes burst, the rudders cavitated, but the ship did move. They pointed downstream to take advantage of the current and kept firing canons at the aspect when suddenly, a Pit Fiend appeared out of a nearby portal and tackled the thing into the river. Not stopping to find out why, a wise move by any standards, they watched as the two creatures thrashed under the water until it was out of sight. They spent the next few days repairing the damage from the sudden boiling of the water and figuring out their next stop. (I’ll make another post soon about some details of that time, including some information on “guy with axe.” Also, I will post some specific stuff about Roxy’s parents and the the city of Utona so you guys know what to expect.) They made it to the ocean and headed along the coast until the reached the blockade set up by the Libanthas navy. They had been spotted and a small ship with some slightly larger and better armed escorts “requested” to board. As the party tries to straighten their story, Roxy hopes her disguise will fool anyone who might still be looking for her and all aboard hope for some safe haven, and maybe some help in destroying what they call The City of Orcus.

I’ve lost track of in game time, and as it is almost one in the morning as of writing this, I have no intention of figure it out right now. Keep an eye on the forums. any day now (at least before the next session) I’ll post some more info you guys will probably need.



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