God Maker, God Breaker

Session 15a

Separated from the others, Will and Otto waited for a chance to escape. It wasn’t until they arrived at the guardhouse that they found their chance. The cultists had to remove their handcuffs in order to remove their armor and clothing, and they sprang into action. Will had been unlocked and a slave was reaching for his armor when Otto was unlocked and headbutted the cultist with the key and dumped out his handy haversack into a pile. Will used his mighty bulk to throw his guard off and make a move for his weapons. After that, things got chaotic. The rest of the crew used their pirate brutality to pin down two of the cultists and dog pile them. The resulting bitings, headbutts, smothering and such quickly finished them off. Will and Otto dealt with the other two standing cultists while one of the pirates grabbed the key and started unlocking the others. The fight was quick but noisy, and soon there was pounding at the door. The pirates held the door while checked the cells. There he found a man a boy and a girl in the cells and released them. The man grabbed a battle ax from Otto’s pile and the children were placed in a cart. Otto braced his halberd on top, and some other spears were quickly tied on before the door began to give. Will lined up the cart with the door and as soon as the pirates moved aside, he rammed the cart into the cultists in the way. There was blood, broken bones, children screaming, and they made a path to the exit. By then, they heard the guard bells ringing from the others’ escape across town and started trying to find them.



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