God Maker, God Breaker

Session 15

The party was forced to pull in and were greeted at the pier by several priests and slaves of Orcus. Looking at the city, it was clear that this cult had made a swift and brutal takeover. The priest that “greeted” them demanded that they kneel before the might of Orcus, which they did. Only because they were severely outnumbered, of course. They were less willing, however, to be bound and taken. Especially when they found Steve’s mother on board. Steve made some very bold threats that he promised would come true if they molested her. Impatient and angered by their lack of respect, the priest gave a display of his unholy power. Between that and the wights on the end of the leashes held by several of these priests, the party decided it best to surrender for now.

Steve, Roxy, Magus, Vlad, Steve’s mom, and Mumble Pouch were taken to a guard house, stripped, handcuffed, and jailed. Will, Otto, and the rest of Roxy’s crew were taken elsewhere (and will be dealt with separately.)

Once in their cells, they realized that they were not alone. A cage at the end of the room held a familiar little guy. It was Goblork, whose excited noises roused Thyssen Krupp, sleeping in a nearby cell. Roxy’s eye beam made short work of her lock, and she slipped her cuffs. Thyssen bit his arm, drawing blood, and spit on his lock and cuffs and was free. he had just enough left to open Steve’s door, and Steve found a piece of wire to pick the rest of the locks. Together, they hatched a plan. Thyssen was able to make a flammable substance from Goblork’s feces, Magus’ blood, and some rotten apples they found in a cell used for storage of odd discarded things and he set some sheets on fire. They ran back to their cells and screamed for help. When the guards came, they burst from their cells, disarmed the men, and shoved them into the fire. Then things went downhill… In an attempt to grab a passing cultist and pull him into the room, Vlad tripped over Steve and fell through the door. Between them, they had only two weapons and no armor, so the ensuing fight was tense, dangerous, and a little comical. Goblork showed his feral side, leaping onto the startled cultist and pummeling his head, while Steve took his weapon. Vlad got to his feet and went on the offensive While Magus did some magic work to slow down the cultists attracted by the noise. After the disarmed and wounded cultist fled, Vlad and Goblork stood their ground while the others ran the other way to find their stuff. They ran around and found the first cultist talking to someone around the corner. He spotted them, and alerted the other, who happened to be a deathpriest and two more cultists. Roxy made a mad dash down another hallway, kicking in doors, looking for the room that held their stuff, while a cultist gave chase. Magus and the deathpriest had a pretty impressive dual while Steve and a cultist fought in the middle until Vlad a Goblork showed up to turn the table. Steve found the room that held their stuff, appearantly in the process of being examined by the deathpriest and Roxy came in just as Steve went down to a brutal slice from a cultist’s scythe. She went into a rage and attacked the bastard until Steve sprang up from his impressive bluff check and grabbed his weapons. Armed, he began to cut down the enemy as Vlad finished the deathpriest off and made his way into the room. Roxy got a hold of her weapons, and the remaining cultists went down smoothly.

The room contained all of their equipment and some of Thyssen’s stuff. As they regroup, rearm, and rest up, they know that this is far from over. They have to find Otto, Will, and the crew, get everyone back to the ship, and teach these demon worshiping bastards just who the fuck they’re dealing with!




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