God Maker, God Breaker

Sessio 16.1

A few things come up on the trip down river.

The ship’s propulsion was damaged severely by the sudden heat up. Thyessen was able to concoct some compounds to repair most of the obvious pipe ruptures, but most of his components went into the flash boiling. So, a lot of pipes have been patched as well as possible with some damage control kits. It’s held up so far, but it’s not likely to handle a sustained voyage. Also, some of Thyssen’s components were introduced directly into the boiler water and have begun to cause some clogging and possible corrosion of the steel. You’ll need the engine repaired repaired, or you’ll need a new ship.

You learn a little about the man Will and Otto met in the jail. I’ll post about him in the NPC’s section.

Roxy gives everyone a heads up of what to expect in Utona. This will be posted in the World Background section. Some family specific things will be posted in Roxy’s section.

You begin to see the things under the water. Shadowy shapes that seem to belong to creatures too large to fit comfortably in the river. They don’t seem to bother you, but it’s a little bit unnerving.



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