God Maker, God Breaker


After Will smashed the machine, the ship rocked and shuddered for a moment before materializing in the Astral Sea near a large fortress like city building into a floating rock. This turned out to be a githyanki citadel and when they spotted the intruders, they immediately sent out ships to intervene. Will was nearly attacked by the illithids before the elder brain called them off and sent them to defend the ship. The battle was brief but hectic and Will took the opportunity to strike at the illithids while Roxy attacked anything that came near her. The illithids erected psychic barriers and dominated as many of the githyanki warriors, but they were so heavily outnumbered that they were eventually overtaken. Roxy, Will, and Baron Zandakar were taken as prisoners. Well, Will and Zandakar were taken as prisoners. Roxy was taken more like a wild animal. The ship was taken to port and searched while the party was confronted by a regal looking githyanki. Narehk, the ruler of this citadel, upon hearing reports of the illithids dusted off an ancient artifact from the Illithid War and used it to determine whether the prisoners were slaves or hosts of the mind flayers. Seeing neither psychic domination nor an incubating young illithid, he ordered them taken to a dungeon until he decided their fate. After some interrogation, he concluded that he could learn nothing useful from them, and that they would be uncooperative slaves. So he had them taken to the Pit to await gladiatorial combat for the pleasure of the githyanki. Once imprisoned there, they met several githzerai, a race that split from the githyanki not long after they had freed themselves from illithid slavery. They had a plan in place to escape and invited them to join. Of course they did. The githzerai had planned a massive distraction and broke through the protective spells by sheer force (the psychic equivalent, anyway) to open a portal that transported the prisoners onto several waiting escape ships. the ship that Will, Roxy, and Zandakar found themselves on took them to the City of Brass. There they were offered a choice. They could join the githzerai to help defend against the githyanki (and presumably, now the illithids) or they could find their own ways in the City of Brass. Roxy stayed in the city for a while, working the docks and making contacts until she got her hands on a planar vessel and became a space pirate. She made sure to hinder the githyanki every chance she could find. Zandakar found himself in charge of a shop not long after their arrival and Zandakar, loyal man that he is, stayed on as guard. Rumors spread that there were efreets who would not enter if Will stood in there path, though of course no efreet will confirm it.

Magus found himself in Tivvum’s Antiquities in the Market Ward of Sigil, having fallen through a portal that the owner, Alluvius Ruskin had previously thought to be inactive. She fed Magus and gave him some water and wine, and told him that while she could help him find the portal and key to his world, he would have to know the name of the world, first. (Magus being the only one so far to hope that they had fallen back in time and could avert the disaster.) Unfortunately, as far as Magus knew, there was no name for his home world, as it had never needed one. So he set to find a man known as Rule-of-Three, a source of hidden knowledge within Sigil. Rule-of-Three was about to dismiss him, since he couldn’t help him if he didn’t know where he was going, when Magus provided that it had been the world where the illithids were defeated. Now, Rule-of-Three could help him. But in return for the information, he asked for a flame rose, a storm rose, and an ice rose. Magus decided the best place to start would be to find a collection of elementals. After some questioning of an obviously racially sensitive earth elemental, he learned of a bar where elementals liked to gather. It was a hell of a bar, and would probably be a total drag to more… fleshy beings, but he was there for business. the elementals there, though, told him he’d be better off finding a florist. So he did. He woke up the shopkeeper, a disgruntled gnome, and traded a ring for the three roses. When he returned to Rule-of-Three, he was given three pieces of paper with different names written on them. Magus hoped that Lu could help him. Unfortunately, she was an old lady and did not like to be disturbed at night, so he waited until morning, having found a room in an odd inn. In the morning, Lu took the pieces of paper and tried to match them up on a map, finding a new one that she had not added. This new portal matched one of the names, and according to her chart should activate if the person thinks of a wish as they enter. Magus followed her directions and found a manhole cover (completely nonfunctional, since there was no way to tunnel in Sigil) with a carving of a woman with closed eyes and open hands. Magus wished for his world to exist and pried the lid off with a conveniently placed crowbar and stepped in.

Steve found himself floating through madness and chaos, holding onto Mordecai for dear life. After a few moments, they hit a planet. They materialized on a barren, featureless rock, with a permanently dark sky despite the huge star in the sky overhead. they quickly learned that looking into the star was inviting madness, so they walked away from it for a while. Mordecai explained that they had traveled through the Far Realm and that star must be the portal equivalent that brought them there. Eventually, Mordecai decided that inviting madness was a preferable alternative to listening to the bard and turned to face the star. After watching him disappear, Steve decided to follow. He floated helplessly for a while, or not at all, depending on how time did or didn’t flow and saw things that his mind instantly rejected. At some point, Mordecai grabbed hold of him and stabilized enough area to talk. Apparently, in the time for Steve to follow, Mordecai had experienced a thousand years, more or less simultaneously, and had learned that the Far Realm was the source of his power. After some experimentation, he learned he could control it. So he shoved Steve off of the little platform he had formed and they fell into Trilake some four hundred years in the past. Mordecai said he had something to take care of and left Steve on his own. Immediately things went very, very wrong. The citizens mutated into monsters and freaks, and the sky changed colors. In a panic, Steve ran after Mordecai but had no idea where he had gone. A three legged horse screeched at him for a moment, before Steve manged to force reality into place and realized that it just a man. He stumbled through the city, heading for the Order Arcanum, constantly forcing reality into place as he went and killing himself when he got in his own way. When he reached the Order, he told them what was wrong, and they took him for study. While he waited, he got a hold of a pen and paper and wrote “Don’t trust Mordecai!” and asked that it be delivered to him sometime after his birth in four hundred years. After standing in a circle of runes, touching various one as directed, the head of the Order activated the circle, trapping Steve in a blue light. they asked him some questions, and then decided that L’nok Taber, the only expert in the theory of the Far Realm, should be involved. L’nok arrived, said a few words, then asked every to leave the two of them alone. The man was terrifying in his own right and seemed completely unperturbed by Steve’s claims. He explained that he was writing a ritual to trap a being of the Far Realm and was missing something. And it could just be a few drops of Steve’s blood. He waved his hand and Steve was pulled to the edge of the circle where L’nok cut his wrist and caught the blood in a vial. Then, seeing no other use for him, L’nok cut his throat.

So, that’s where we’re at. Have your level 11 “real” characters ready for next session.



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