God Maker, God Breaker

ALT 2/3

The party found Baron Zandakar, who had discovered a book that seemed to foretell the end of the material plane by being absorbed into the Far Realm, destroying them both. Some stuff happened, and they found Mordecai. They then used one of the Order Arcanum’s permanent portals to get to the docks and onto Roxy’s ship, hoping to find some answers beyond the veil of storms. Once there, they found a hatch that led to an underground complex containing some kind of power/steam plant. As the plant was started by the random lever-pulling of Roxy, they became aware of a presence in their minds, watching them. They searched around and found an underground lair of Illithids in some sort of stasis. The feeling in their minds was their elder brain, awakened by the stirring of Arcana caused by the machine. The elder brain told them a little of what had happened to this world, and that some nameless force was responsible. It also said that the force could not be defeated or survived, only avoided. And since this event was not chronicled in their history (the future) it had surmised that time had been altered and the only way to avoid this threat was to restore time. When asked how, the elder brain told them to awaken the sleeping Illithids and they would show them. Not trusting the brain in a well, who called them food and slave-stock to their faces… minds… whatever, they agreed to awaken a single Illithid. The brain agreed, and Will shoved Steve’s head into the pool of the water. After having the brain tentacles wrapped around his head, he was able to open one of the stasis pods and return to the brain with the awakened Illithid. There, the elder brain stalled them by telling them about how they escaped a similar threat in their past while the Illithid left, supposedly to prepare the device they would need. Will escorted the creature, and tried to stop it when it entered the room with the other sleeping Illithids. A psychic attack held him at bay while the pods were opened and the party was taken captive by hundreds of the mysterious beings. They were brought to the shore with a strange device and commanded to bring the flagship to shore. Four of the Illithids boarded the boat they had taken to the shore and rode with them to the ship. There, the party attacked their captors. They defeated all but one of them, who had teleported to the helm and was able to command the crew to steer the ship to land. In a seeming act of betrayal, Mordecai seemed to help it. As the horde of Illithids boarded the ships and the elder brain was teleported on the flagship, Mordecai explained that they needed to use these beings until they understood enough to strike back. With little in the way of choices, they stood by while the Illithids installed the device and took the fleet into the Astral Sea and watched their world crumble. Then they dropped into some sort of time warp.

Mordecai mused aloud to Steve about wondering what would happen if someone were to go overboard while in the state. With a dare of “Race you,” he dove from the ship. Steve was right behind him, reaching out and grabbing onto Mordecai’s leg as they fell.

The others stood in the command room of the ship, watching the Illithids operate the machine, wondering how to get control of the ship. Magus attempted to send the machine through a cascade of portals in hopes of destroying it. Unfortunately, in this timeless place, the portal spell backfired (it’s magic! WooOOOooo!) and fell into his own spell, and seemingly out of existence. That’s when Will decided that the direct approach was the best approach and smashed the machine with his hammer before the Illithids could move to interfere and the ship shuddered and lurched and everything went nothing.



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